Past Researchers

2013 Researchers

Summer BioEnergy Research Program

Christina AguilaLab: Greg Mitchell
Project: Comparison of pond conditions to lab conditions with respect to salinity

Nate GuliziaLab: Bianca Brahamsha
Project: Analysis of interactions between cyanobacteria and amoebae

Prema KarunanithiLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Overcoming Gene Silencing and Positional Effect using mCherry-Venus Plasmid Constructs

Eddie LinLab: Biology Field Station
Project: Improving & Maintaining Robust Algae Growth through Ultraviolet Sanitized Media

Yen Hong LuLab: Briggs Lab
Project: Selection of Scenedesmus dimorphus mutant strains resistant to jasmonic acid

Lindsey Pieper, Lab: Jim Golden, 
Project: EPA Production In Photosynthetic Cyanobacteria

Yuan PuLab: Michael Burkart
Project: Inserting Features into Chlamydomonas

Alice TungLab: Brian Palenik
Project: A study of growth under various cultivation systems and selection of a potential biofuel diatom

Steven Villareal Lab: Jonathan Shurin
Project: Effect of Chytrid Fungi and Elevated CO2 on Algal Productivity

Xue (Scarlett) Zou, Lab: Susan Golden
Project: Looking at the subcellular localization of clock proteins in Cyanobacteria

2012 Researchers

Summer BioEnergy Research Program

Rodrigo Abelin TackaertLab: Greg Mitchell
Project: Growth Rate evaluation of D. tertiolecta using AlgaStat automated photobioreactor

Amir BegovicLab: Brian Palenik
Project: Coculture of Anabaenopsis and Scendesmus in tapwater/seawater media

Ron CookLab: Jim Golden
Project: Improvements of a Modular Vector System for Cyanobacteria

Brian FanLab: Michael Burkart
Project: Developing a nuclear transformation protocol for the nrt2 gene in scenedesmus dimorphus

Emily FuLab: Steven Briggs
Project: Algae produced malaria transmission blocking vaccines

Austin HallgrenLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Relationship between the Cell Wall, Growth and FAME content

Josh KenchelLab: Susan Golden
Project: Protozoan Grazer Resistance in Synechococcus elongatus

Matthew KrauseLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Growth and Media Studies

Natalie OrtizLab: Jim Golden
Project: The role of a novel antisense transcript in phycobilisome degradation in Anabaena sp strain PCC 7120

2011 Researchers

Summer BioEnergy Research Program

Ali AtharLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Growing Algae in a Greenhouse

Jason ChenLab: Susan Golden
Project: Transcriptional Control of Carbon Storage

Chesa CoxLab: Stephen Mayfield Project: Methods in transforming Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Keval DesaiLab: Susan Golden
Project: Engineering Cyanobacteria as a Biological Nutrient Supplier for Algal Biofuel Producers

Brittany Fitzgerald, Lab: Jim Golden
Project: Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120

Sophia Giang, Lab: Brian Palenik
Project: Pathway to an Open Pond: Temperature and Tap Water

Kevin HoangLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Increasing Protein Yield in Algae

Jennifer HullLab: Bill Gerwick
Project: Cloning, Expression, and Functional Characterization of Novel Enzyme from Thalassiosira pseudonana

Edward KingLab: Jim Golden
Project: A New Modular System for Cyanobacteria Engineering

Sophia GangLab: Brian Palenik
Project: Pathway to an Open Pond: Temperature and Tap Water

Alex LewisLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Chloroplast Transformation of Dunaliella tertiolecta via Particle Bombardment

Tiffany LuongLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Algae and Malaria

Meryl MansuetoLab: Greg Mitchell
Project: Growth responses of marine microalgae to variation of culture conditions

Michael MayfieldLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Taxonomic and functional characterization of prolific omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid-producing marine Thraustochytrids

Nathan SchoeppLab: Michael Burkart
Project: Farming and Cloning “Green” Paint and Biomass

Lauren TomosadaLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Malaria Vaccine

Aaron TopolLab: Stephen Mayfield
Project: Negative Selection: Cytosine Deaminase

2010 Researchers

Summer BioEnergy Research Program

Abdur AminLab: Michael Burkart

Rex BrookhartLab: Greg Mitchell

Billy LambertLab: Brian Palenik

Alex LewisLab: John Love

Tiffany LuongLab: Stephen Mayfield

Fiona NohillyLab: Steven Briggs

Neil Raina

Tim Roane

Nathan SchoeppLab: Michael Burkart

Rujing Shi

Joseph Steward

Undergraduate Summer Research