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ABO Coming to San DiegoAlgae Biomass Summit

September 8 - 11, 2020

UCSD is proud to be hosting ABO this year. Look forward to seeing you! 



Algae StudyAlgae Shown to Improve Gastrointestinal Health

Project is the first to test green algae on symptoms related to human digestion.






A Solution-Minded Partnership: FF21 and the Qualcomm Institute 11/20/14

Algae's promise rebounds after setbacks 10/06/14

Algae as biofuel focus of summit 09/29/14

San Diego's Thriving Algae Biotechnology Industry Continues to Fuel Region's Economy 06/24/14

Algae Science Articles — Stephen P. Mayfield and the UCSD Laboratory 05/04/14

Dr. Stephen Mayfield: When Will Algae-based Transportation Fuels Be
Economically Viable? 04/17/14

Research Highlight: Powered by Plankton 04/07/14

Scale the Trick in Getting Algal Biofuel Cost Down 03/08/2014

UC San Diego Takes Top Two Positions in National Rankings for Biofuel Research 03/04/2014

10 Hottest Trends in Algae: #3 Bring on the Apps 02/25/2014

Algae Biomass Advocates Push Past Exuberance, Aim for Sustainability 02/11/2014

20 Reasons To Love San Diego: #19 Because We Are Using Algae To Fight Cancer 02/2014

The Last Decade in Research: "Startling New Avenues of Discovery" 01/09/14


How Algae Could Change the World 12/6/13

Production of Biofuel Could Reduce Risk of Global Warming, Say Researchers 11/22/13

Method to Genetically Engineer Key Growth Component in Biofuel Production Developed 11/22/13

Environment-harming Fossil Fuel Use Can Be Reduced by Algal Biofuel 11/22/13

Algal Biofuel Could Help Reduce Environment-Harming Fossil Fuel Use; Researchers Step Closer to Making it a Reality 11/21/13

Breakthrough in Biofuel from Marine Algae Could Lead to New Energy Source  11/21/13

Researchers Engineer Breakthrough for Biofuel Production 11/21/13

Scripps Oceanography Researchers Engineer Breakthrough for Biofuel Production 11/20/13

Greg Mitchell on "The Father of Fracking" 10/2013

UC San Diego Professors Test Waters of Massive, Open Online Learning 10/31/13

Algae Biomass Organization Recognizes Six Students with Young Algae Researcher Awards at Algae Biomass Summit in Orlando 10/3/13

Turning Algae’s Golden Corner: Triton, Sapphire Energy, Heliae, Rincon, and Monsanto 10/2/13

Algae Company Aims for Biotech Drug Market 9/25/13

Triton Algae Innovations Announces $5 Million Series-A Financing 9/04/13

Under San Diego Sun, Some Clouds for Algae and Solar 6/27/13

Lean Green Microbe Machines 4/30/13

Senator Hueso Sees Hope in Algae 4/30/13

Quest for Edible Malarial Vaccine Leads to Other Potential Medical Uses for Algae 4/19/13

Are Algae Biofuels a Realistic Alternative to Petroleum? 3/20/13

UC San Diego Biologists Produce Rainbow-Colored Algae 3/7/13

Online Course Seeks to Educate World about Sustainable Food, Energy Issues 2/22/13

Algae Fuel Could Help Solve The Navy’s Oil Dependence 1/10/13


UC San Diego Researchers Create A ‘Designer’ Cancer Drug With Algae 12/10/12

Algal Biofuel Production Can Reach the Ocean, Study Says 11/27/12

Scripps Graduate Takes Biofuel Message to Baja Road Race 11/7/12

Algae Biomass Organization Recognizes Six Students With Young Algae Researcher Awards at Algae Biomass Summit in Denver - First Place Engineering Awards for Students at Colorado State University, UC San Diego. 9/2712

UC San Diego Chemists Develop Reversible Method of Tagging Proteins 9/16/12

Success of local EDGE Initiative noted at Summer of Algae Tour 8/23/12

Researchers Hope to Scrub Out Pollution With Algae 8/8/12

Nuisance Seaweed Found to Produce Compounds with Biomedical Potential 5/24/12

UC San Diego Biologists Produce Potential Malarial Vaccine From Algae 5/16/12

Plant Biologists from Across Country to Converge in San Diego to Discuss Future of Food, Fuel 5/8/12

Elsevier Launches New Journal for Algal Research 4/12/12

Sapphire Raises $144 Million for Green Crude Farm 4/2/12

Obama Administration Announces New Funding for Biomass Research and Development Initiative  3/22/12

Sapphire Boosts Yield from Blue Green Algae 2/29/12

Algae, Fuel of the Future? 1/18/12

Algae Biofuels Inject Money into Southwest's Economy 1/9/12

San Diego's Algal Biofuels Research Enterprise Continues Rapid Growth 1/5/12


2012 Could Determine Future of Fuel  12/5/2011

Grants Available for Biofuels Training  12/5/2011

US Navy Tests Algal-Fuled Ship  11/16/11

Biofuels Start to Take Off in Commercial Air 11/9/11

SD-CAB Companies on 50 Hottest List 11/9/11

Global Biofuels Market to Double in 2012 10/11/2011

Heliae to produce biofuels for SkyNRG  10/4/2011

Program Retraining Workers for "Green" Economy Graduates First 50 Students  9/7/2011

Algae's Second Try 9/2/2011

US Invests $510M in Biofuels 8/16/2011

U.S. Desperate for Biofuels  7/11/2011

General Atomics wins biofuels grant  6/24/2011

Are Biofuels the Future of Flight?  6/24/2011

Biofuels from Algae will Fuel our Jets  6/9/2011

Who's growing and who's hiring  6/5/2011

Energy Board Awards UCSD $2 Million for Biofuels 6/2/2011

Calling someone "pond scum" may soon be a compliment  5/31/2011

Local Scientists Growing Algae as Next Alternative Fuel  5/24/2011

UN: Renewable Energy is the key 5/9/2011

Energy Commission Awards Nearly $3.4 Million for Research: Alternative Fuels Research Awarded to UC San Diego  5/5/2011

SD-CAB featured on UCSD-TV's "UCSD at 50"  2/21/2011

Green Jobs are New Sunrise Industry  1/19/2011

Where are the Green Jobs in San Diego? 1/17/2011


How Does San Diego's Economy Differ? 11/13/10

Just color San Diego algae green in research 11/12/10

The Culture Club: The world of algae R&D and commercialization, an inside view, in pictures 10/13/10

Just color San Diego algae green in research 9/28/10

Algae Biomass Summit 4 in Arizona  [video] 9/28/10

Algae as Fuel of the Future Faces Great Expectations -- and Obstacles 9/17/10

U.S. Allocated Up to $24 Million for Algae Biofuels Projects 6/28/10

San Diego, Imperial Counties gets Funds for biofuels training 6/28/10

Exploring Algae as Fuel 7/26/10

U.S. Allocates up to $24M for Algae Biofuels Projects 7/26/10

San Diego, Pond Scum and Crude Oil: Our Mayor Issues an Invitation to Sloganeers 7/21/10

San Diego Program Will Train A Biofuel Workforce 7/16/10

State Names San Diego "Innovation Hub," Awards $4M for Biofuels Worker Training 6/30/10

San Diego, Imperial counties get funds for biofuels training 6/29/10

San Diego Region Gets $4M Biofuels Training Grant 6/29/10

San Diego Region Awarded $4 Million Workforce Development Grant to Support Expanding Biofuels Industry 6/29/10

DOE Grants $24M for Algal Biofuels Research 6/29/10

Obama funds research into Algae-based biofuels 6/29/10

DOE taps three consortia to tackle advanced algal fuels challenges 6/29/10

US Allocates Up to $24 Million for Algae Biofuels Projects 6/28/10

Universities win funding for algae biofuel research 6/28/10

DOE Awards $9M for Algae Biotech Center 6/28/10

UCSD gets grant for algae energy research 6/28/10

DOE $24 million for algal biofuels research 6/28/10

DOE Awards UC San Diego Consortium $9 Million for Algal Biofuels Research 6/28/10

Energy of the future? It's green and slimy. 6/20/10

Synergistic allelochemicals from a freshwater cyanobacterium 5/17/10

Two Division of Biological Sciences Professors Elected to National Academy of Sciences 4/27/10

Study Finds Bacteria Divides Like Clockwork 3/18/10

Drug Production Gets Aquatic 3/17/10

Using green algae as drug factory could cut pharma costs by 1,000 times 3/17/10

Scientists from Sapphire Energy, UCSD, Scripps and Protelica show genetically modified algae can make important drugs 3/8/10

From pond scum to pharmacy shelf 2/10


A Sapphire Energy Co-Founder Sees Solutions in Algae for Drugs as Well as Biofuels12/2/09

Expert on Genetics of Algae Joins UC San Diego 11/2/09

America's energy policy dilemma 11/2/09

Project converts dairy wastes to energy, other products 10/09/09

Industry Leaders Announce Alliance to Commercialize Integrated-Carbon-to-Liquids™ (ICTL) Fuel Technologies 10/9/09

Algae startups partner 10/9/09

Algae repositions as biofuels’ “humble but lovable” feedstock 10/9/09

Algae as fuel slow to grow 10/8/09

A 'Green Revolution' Buds Slowly in Algae 10/7/09

Conference on algae highlights fast-growing sector 10/7/09

Algae as Fuel of the Future Faces Great Expectations -- and Obstacles 9/16/09

Interest in algae's oil prospects is growing 9/14/09

ExxonMobil investment lifts San Diego’s algae biofuel industry 7/14/09

ExxonMobil to fund $600 million biofuel partnership with La Jolla firm 7/15/09

Deal blooms for algae biofuel research 7/15/09

Plant Power: A Special Report on Biofuels 6/30/09

Pond-Powered 5/27/09

Algae to biofuel: A regional cause 5/20/09

San Diego Just Beginning to Assess Needs of Emerging Algae Industry 5/8/09

Area scientists are abuzz about algae 5/6-7/09

Powering the Future with Pond Scum 5/4/09

America's algae capital? 5/3/09

San Diego, Silicon Valley of Algae Innovation? 4/30/09

"SD-CAB" could turn the oil industry "green" with envy 4/29/09

New center to focus on algae, biofuels 4/29/09

Great (Algae) Expectations, and San Diego’s Plans for Creating a Big Green Cluster 4/29/09

Algae biofuels industry bolstered by new partnership 4/28/09

Regional Partnership Announced For Algae Project 4/28/09

Biofuel from Algae 4/28/09

Regional partnership to develop algal biofuels gets backing of San Diego leaders 4/28/09

Trying to Turn San Diego into the Green Houston 1/1/09